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For your clean water and clean air solution of waste disposal and clean energy transformation

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ZEROS System

ZEROS INC was the first company to offer a system that disposes of all classifications of waste without any emissions. Our ZERO-emission Energy Recycling Oxidation System offers a 100% Destruction Removal Efficiency on all treated Waste. All effluents from the process are either reintroduced into the system or are refined as process products for sale. The system has been classified an Oxidation process which allows it to be exempt from incineration regulations or permitting.


Being Oxidation, which is the process of altering compounds by adding electropositive oxygen atoms to the compound, the ZEROS System has eliminated the intake of ambient air that is the source of nitrous oxides and acid rain and all carbon from the system are captured for market sale and sequestration.


Since its inception the unique oxidation process has proven to be a technology that has the capacity to replace "Smoke Stack" driven air blown systems technologies. The ZEROS System has "No Smoke Stack". According to Texas A&M University and the Texas Water Resources Institute when ZEROS is powered with fossil fuels and the pure CO2 is injected in deep geologic formations in the oil service industry, the system has net zero CO2 emissions. When powered with renewable biomass and the CO2 is injected, the system has net negative CO2 emissions.


  • ZEROS PFAS - ZEROS GENERATION 4 - The development of the ZEROS system has taken a major step forward in the realm of waste to energy with no emissions and total carbon capture.

    The ZEROS GEN 4 system has successfully incorporated the benefits of oxygen-fuel combustion disposal of hazardous and toxic waste with total carbon capture and the production of electricity with hydrogen fuel cell technology.

    This development means NO SMOKESTACK and no emissions discharge from the system while producing electricity by running the byproducts of the process which is hydrogen and oxygen through a hydrogen fuel cell to produce up to 50 megawatts of carbon free electricity which is dispatch-able and base load with distilled water as the only compound as an off take product.

    This development has substantially reduced the footprint of the system and has given us the ability to destroy the forever chemicals such as PFAS.


  • ZEROS STOP - (Soil Thermal Oxidation Process) - A system to thermally decontaminate soils from hydrocarbon and organic contamination such as dioxins and PCB 
  • ZEROS Bio-Hazard Remediation – A system to safely respond to pandemics such as BSE or Avian Flu


  • ZEROS Bio-Dynamics - A system to clean contaminated soil by dry cleaning without thermally treating soil to remove hydrocarbon contaminates


  • ZEROS POWER - A system configuration that allows the capture of 150% more BTU’s per pound of fuel for power generation than is obtainable from incineration processes


  • ZEROS AQUA-DYNAMICS - A system for making water and desalinating and purifying water at a rate of more than 20 million gallons per day using waste as fuel


  • ZEROS HYDRO-X - A system of capturing Hydrogen gas as an alternate fuel from water purification without any of the emissions normally associated with hydrogen extraction


  • ZEROS F-T (Bio-Fuels) - A system utilizing ZEROS to turn Coal, Lignite, Oil shale or Bio-mass into Bio-Diesel and Bio-Gasoline with no emissions. Instead of growing corn for ethanol, ZEROS allows the corn to be fed to cattle and then the manure to be converted into sulfur free diesel

Environmental Benefits of ZEROS

Texas A&M TWRI paper 

AARES Presentation  






Engineers from the University of Texas and Texas A&M University have recently evaluated the system, and based on their recommendations, ZEROS is in the process of designing a commercial scale plant, in Texas.

Protected by US Patents 5,906,806 - 6,024,029 - 6,119,606 - 6,137,026 - 6,688,318 - 7,338,563- 7,833,296 - 8,038,744 - 8,038,746

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