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For your clean water and clean air solution of waste disposal and clean energy transformation

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Benefits and Advantages

Oxidation, which is the process of altering a compound by adding an electro-positive oxygen atom, is far superior to incineration, which is the process of reducing a compound to ash. Forever incineration has been the prevalent means of disposing of waste but its most negative feature is the smoke stack with its smokestack emission and the health concerns (both real and perceived) of our society. No matter how minute the measurement is if you have a smoke stack its emissions are harmful to health and the environment.


The incineration industry has experimented with various technologies to improve the quality of smoke stack emission but the only assurance of no toxic emissions is to remove the smoke stack. The ZERO-emission Energy Recycling Oxidation System (ZEROS) has accomplished this task and is the only technology that has achieved this success and reached 100% Destruction Removal Efficiency for waste treated and ZERO % emissions of any process products. ZEROS has also eliminated all discharge of Greenhouse Gases.


The ZEROS System has been tested on and is capable of disposing all hazardous and toxic compounds including hydrocarbons, chlorinated and halogenated waste such as PCB's and Dioxins, contaminated soils, liquid waste, biomedical waste and municipal solid waste. All of these waste products are suitable fuel for waste to energy generation of electrical energy. Some of the benefits of the ZEROS System are as follows: 


No "Exhaust Stack" No "Emissions" No atmosphere/Ozone Impact
Air Quality Exempt No Emergency Stack Opening Increased System Control
No Air Dispersion Models Low Cost Electrical Energy Revenues for Products
Low Cost Water Purification    


This process enables the use of the latest technology in control systems and sound engineering principles, not "black box" technology. The recycled flue gas gives a much higher emisivity factor that gives higher boiler efficiencies for electrical co-generation. Because the exit flue gas is brought to a complete halt, this is the only system that can demonstrate 100% Destruction Removal Efficiency (DRE) and ZERO % emissions.