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For your clean water and clean air solution of waste disposal and clean energy transformation

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Environmental Impact Statement

By design the ZERO-emission Energy Recycling Oxidation Systemwill have minimal impact on the environment. Since ZERO "smoke stack" emissions are present, the only effluents from the process are easily contained and each has a use either for reintroduction into the process or as a commercial byproduct that are sold to add to operational profitability. 


In an application where chlorine is present in the waste product being oxidized, hydrogen chloride will be produced which will be scrubbed by water that is internal to the system as a quench. This will form hydrochloric acid that is recovered from the system process as a caustic soda that is a commercial grade cleaner or the acid will be reduced to salt. Both products have a natural market place in the energy industry. 


Since no nitrogen is introduced into the system via ambient air, like what occurs in an incinerator, the nitrogen in the system is greatly reduced and is easily managed as a system by-product with commercial value. An incineration process uses about ten pounds of air for every pound of fuel or waste consumed which means the systems discharges eight pounds of NOx for every pound of fuel or wasted consumed. The ZEROS System on the other hand must deal only with the minute trace amount of nitrogen in the fuel which will not exceed one percent of the fuel weight or about one half ounce of nitrogen per pound of fuel consumed. This equals more than a one thousand percent reduction of NOx with none being discharged to the atmosphere from the ZEROS System. 


The ZERO-emission Energy Recycling Oxidation System completely disposes of organic material. The only ash that results from the process system is the trace amounts of inorganic and inert compounds that may be in the fuel. This fly ash is treated on-site as a cement building block for local consumption or for sale. This creates an enhanced assurance of minimal environmental impact. 


The primary commercial products derived from the ZERO-emission Energy Recycling Oxidation System are carbon dioxide, purified water and electrical energy. The carbon dioxide and water are both purified within the system and have industrial applications. 


In summary, the only waste effluents form the ZERO-emission Energy Recycling Oxidation System are a small discharge of treated fly ash that when mixed with cement is non-toxic or hazardous and small amount of brine with all having commercial value. All other products of the process system operation are reused within the process or are marketed at high value within the energy industry.